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The Dark Side of Ambrosia

The Inverted Pentacle

Many times, all is not as it seems. So too, with the inverted pentacle. True, it is a symbol of Satanism, but it can represent other things as well.

Here are a few interpretations and facts about the inverted pentacle:

1a. The points of the upright pentacle represent the four elements as a physical base for Spirit at the top point. *Spirit dominating matter.*

1b. The points of the inverted pentacle has Spirit at the bottom point with the elements above. *From Spirit grows the physical.*

2. It represents the Horned God of Celtic Cernunnos

3. The U. S. Medal of Honor, as well as the Bronze Star is an inverted pentacle.

4. In some Wiccan traditions, it has been used a s a symbol of 2nd degree initiation.

5. It can also represent our shadow side....the part of us we keep hidden....even from ourselves. The side we consider *not good enough* or even evil.

6. And yes, it also represents Satanism.

For more information on the pentacle, inverted and upright, check out these sites:

Note: We at Ambrosia feel we don't have the right to condemn another's path. We are not Satanists; and although we don't necessarily agree nor disagree with their beliefs, we feel that each has the right to follow the path that is right for them. Something to think about is this quote by an anonymous author:

*Those who condemn another's beliefs, all too often doubt the validity of their own.*

Feel free to take whatever images you find on the next pages. All are welcome, no matter what path you may follow.

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