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Tidioute School

What in the hell is the school district of Warren County thinking? What they are proposing for the Tidioute School is ridiculous and senseless. To bus a child 22 miles one way on dangerous roadways just for the sake of someone's *desire* to clump all the children together like they were sheep. It surely won't save the taxpayer money. In the long run, the buses have to be paid for and upkeep maintained. Someone has to pay that bill, and where does the school board get it's money? From the taxpayer, that's where.

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What to do with the Hickory St. Bridge. That seems to be the controversy now brewing among the city and county residents of Warren. It seems that there are as many different answers as there are people. "A park would be lovely" say some. "The middle of the bridge could be used for art shows and concerts." "Make it a foot bridge", say others. But would that be a wise thing in either case? The walking portions of the bridge are closed to foot traffic now. Wouldn't it take a lot of *fixing* in either case? "It's a historical monument", is still another answer. "Leave it stand." Leave it stand? Not for long, by the looks of the bridge.

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Recycling Centers

The problem with recycling is that things end up a mess at the recycling centers in rural Warren County. There is no employee there to make sure that the items are seperated into the proper containers, or that garbage isn't placed into the recycling bins. The rural recycling centers should be fenced and gated; locked after normal business hours and someone there at least a couple of days a week to make sure that things are placed where they are meant to be placed. Rubbish is allowed to scatter across an open field; what a dreadful thing to happen to our beautiful country-side.

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Hickory St. Bridge
What should be done with the bridge?
Destroy it?
Make it a park?
Move it to Market St?
Destroy and rebuild same place?
Just a Walking Bridge?

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