DATURA: Datura stramonium
AKA: Thornapple, Devil's Apple, Devil's Trumpet. American version known as Jimsonweed.
Origin: All over the world except in coldest regions. Possible origin is S. America or Asia.
Part Used: Whole plant highly poisonous. Seeds most active.
Lore: An ingredient in ancient witches' flying ointment. Was said to be an aid to witches' incantations. It was very unlucky if it were found in a garden during the Witch Hunts....obviously.
Magick: To hex or break hexes. Produce sleep, induce dreams. Divination, allow one to see spirits. Protection.
The visionary qualities of both Jimsonweed and Datura can best be accessed by inhaling the scent of the flower.
Other: Daturas usually have a very pleasant scent. Jimsonweed, on the other hand, stinks.
Sacred to Aztecs, and used in shamanic rites.