Hellebore [Black]

Black Hellebore: Helleborus niger
AKA: Christe Herbe, Christmas Rose
Origin: Native of mountainous regions of central and southern Europe, Greece and Asia Minor.
Lore: Once people blessed their cattle with this herb to protect them from evil. Old French tales speak of a sorcerer who strew powdered Hellebore ahead of himself as he walked to make himself invisible.
Magick: Banishing, necromancy. Used in incense for consecrating talismans.
Used to render oneself less visible by scattering in ahead while walking.
Other: Black Hellebore is the variety most used in magick.
False Hellebore: Adonis autumnalis, A. vernalis
AKA: Red Chamomile, Rose-a-Rubie, Sweet Vernal
Origin: England and Europe
Green Hellebore: Veratrum viride
AKA: American Hellebore, Swamp Hellebore, Itchweed.
Origin: North America
White Hellebore: Veratrum album
Origin: Lapland to Italy.