HENBANE: Hyoscyamus niger. N.O. Solanace
AKA: Hog's Bean, Jupiter's Bean, Symphonica, Belene, Henbell, Black Nightshade.
Origin: Central and Southern Europe, Asia, India and Siberia. Not indigenous to Britain and N. America, but found there now.
Part Used: Leaves, flowering tops, seeds.
Lore: Dead in Hades were crowned with Henbane as they wandered in the River Styx. In language of flowers, the Henbane blossom means *defeat.*
Magick: Burn outside to bring rain. Herb of the Underworld. Summon spirits and relatives who have passed. Love, of a binding nature.
Other: Same family [solanace] as tomato, potato, nightshade, tobacco.
According to Scott Cunningham: To bring love, a man should gather henbane early in the morning, naked and standing on one foot. ***This I gotta see....***