High John the Conqueror

High John the Conqueror: Convolvulus jalapa, Ipomoea jalapa
AKA: Jalap, Bindweed
Origin: Native to S. America and Mexico, also southern Europe.
Toxicity: There is some debate as to its toxicity, but its magickal actions are similar to other poisonous herbs.
Part Used: Root
Magick: Talismanic. Attracts love, prosperity, success, victory in court. Used to neutralize melancholy, confusion and evil spirits. Protects from hexes. To break and destroy spells and curses. Bind, banish or promote attraction to someone or something. Anointing.
A popular hoodoo herb.
Other: To use, cut or score root and soak in oil for several weeks. Strain, add a piece of root to the oil. Use this to anoint magickal items and tools.
Morning Glory: Ipomoea purga
AKA: Devil's Guts
Magick: May be used as a substitute for High John.
Greater Bindweed: Convolvulus sepium
AKA: Old Man's Nightcap, Hooded Bindweed, Bearbind
Origin: England and Scotland.
Magick: Can be used as a substitute for High John.
Other: While most twining plants follow the course of the sun and turn clockwise, Greater Bindweed twines contrary to the sun...counterclockwise.