MANDRAKE: Atropa mandragora, formerly Mandragora officinalis
AKA: Mandragora, Satan's Apple
Origin: Southern Europe
Part Used: Roots, apple
Lore: The root is believed to shriek horribly when pulled from the ground, and anyone hearing it would die. A dog, preferably black, was tied to the root and coaxed with food to pull the root from the ground. Of course, all humans were safely out of earshot and the poor dog died.
Fabled to grow under the gallows of murderers.
The root has been found in Tutankhamun's tomb.
Magick: For love poppets, money-drawing magick. As an incense in some black magick rites.
Has power against demonical possession. Place a piece of the root on a mantle to avert misfortune and to bring properity and joy. Carry to attract love.
Exorcism, protection, fertility, money, love, health.
Herb of creativity. Used to increase potency of any magickal working.
Sexual desire, potency, love charms [to cause another to fall in love with you.] To seal commitment between lovers, although it may be binding.
For incense, either apple or root may be dried and used. The root is used as an amulet.
Other: To activate root, place in a prominent place in house for three days. Then let set overnight in warm water. It will then be ready for use in any magickal working.
It is said that a drop of blood should be put in the hole left by digging the root as payment and to insure potency of amulet.
Used as a poppet, due to its resemblance to the human form. But......Culpeper says *The root formerly was supposed to have the human form, but it really resembles a carrot or parsnip.*
Used to invoke deities, especially Circe and Diana.
Eastern belief has it that the root cures sterility. Genesis 30:14
Demons cannot bear the smell or presence of Mandrake.
AMERICAN MAYAPPLE: Podophyllum peltatum
AKA:Racoonberry, Hog Apple, Wild Lemon, American Mandrake