MISTLETOE: Viscum album
AKA: Mystldene, Holy Wood.
Origin: Northern Europe to northwest Africa, Asia, Japan.
Part Used: Berries, Whole Herb.
Lore: Revered by Druids, who only sought it when they had visions directing them to seek it. If a great length of time passed without the visions, or it fell to the ground, it was considered an omen of great misfortune. The Mistletoe that grew in Oak trees was the most sacred. It was harvested using a golden sickle and not allowed to touch the ground.
Magick: Wear around the neck for invisibility. Protection from all things astral and mundane. Aphrodisiac. Fights against despair, helps in hunting and conception. Dreams, immortality. To ward off thieves and werewolves.
Used as amulets for protection or to speed healing.
Used to make wands, handles of ritual knives.
Berries used for sexual potency and in amulets for heightened sexual experiences.
Banishing evil and negative magick. Harmony, protection.
An all-purpose magickal herb....use in any positive magick.
Business success, love drawing.
Other: Found growing on many different trees, most usually, Apple. A symbol of rebirth. Gather at Midsummer or on the sixth day of the moon.