The Dark Side of Ambrosia

*To see the Light, one must first be aware of the Dark.*....anonymous author

We live in a world of dualities. Everything in the physical world has its opposite. And we cannot know one without being aware of the other. How can we know tall without knowing what short is? Hot without cold? Light without dark?

And the same with Self. To know ourselves, we must look within the shadows of self. To deny the dark side is to deny an integral part of our being.

So, we invite you to join our celebration of the Dark. We hope to bring you things to make you think, or perhaps to simply enjoy.

We welcome you to the Dark Side of Ambrosia, the third website of the Covenant of the Blue Rose. The Covenant of the Blue rose has been in existence for many many years, and in 1997 we began the Realms of Ambrosia websites.

Since then others have borrowed our name, the "Covenant of the Blue Rose", in one form or another. We are flattered that they like our name...and our roses.....but we wish all to know this.....

they are not us. The information they impart on their websites is not necessarily our view. Please do not confuse them with us.

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