Welcome to our realm of free graphics.

Here you will find more pagan graphics to complement those found on our main site. These graphics are a little *heavier,* a little more goth, a little darker. Most are made for dark backgrounds, usually black.

Yep, I'd like credit for any that you use....a small banner or link somewhere on your site. These graphics are free for personal or commercial websites. But, please, do not add them to collections or make money from them without my permission.

All the images you find on these pages are copyrighted by me....I worked hard on them, and I give them to you freely. All I ask is that you give me credit for any images that you use.

If there's any special banners or images you need and just cannot find elsewhere, let me know.....I'll be glad to make it for you.

Oh yeah, if you like the background on this page, you may have it. If you're not sure how to set it up so it all fits together, feel free to scarf up my source code. I've added comment tags to help you in setting it up on your own page.

Bars and Buttons

You may email me at ladyemer13@gmail.com

Some of my images have been made into cross stitch patterns.
To see and purchase them, visit White Willow Stitching.

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